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Our Judges for 2018 will be announced soon.

Our 2017 contest was privileged to have an excellent set of judges.

Head Judge: Ms Liza, International Master 2011

Liza (Northwest Master 2010 and International Master 2011) came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky ever since. She is the executive producer of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest and the Master/slave Retreat.  She is currently serving as the treasurer of MAsT: International and has served as a representative to the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance and on the steering committee or as officer of several organizations:  Leather Levi Weekend, Leather Alley at Pride, the Exiles, the Bad Girls and the Bears of San Francisco.  She is proud to be Mama’s Horsewoman. Always interested in teaching and training, her pupils have included horses, dogs, dolphins, children, inmates and people interested in the lifestyle.

Liza has received numerous awards, including San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Woman of the Year 2009 and MAST International’s 2012 Presenter of the Year, co-held with her slave, Jody.


Tris, Washington State Ms Leather 2014

Tris found the Washington Leather community in 2007 and immediately knew that she was home. 

Tris is service-oriented, and enjoys rough body play; fear play and is up for a challenge of (just about) any kind.  She embraces the traditions of honor, integrity, respect and service in Leather as the cornerstones to her daily life.

Tris is a member of Seattle girls of Leather, Seattle Women in Leather; Edge Riders Evergreen Chapter Riding Club; South Sound Leather Alliance; MAsT Seattle; in addition to Center for Sex Positive Culture member and volunteer.  Tris is on the board of Evergreen Leather Events, Renegade’s Rendezvous and West Coast LinK, and is Mama's Family as "Mama's #allthethings".

slave mel, Northwest slave 2013

slave Mel had a successful career as an assistant manager in Asia for a worldwide bank. Her responsibility including supervising up to 25 people in the international transfers of several millions of Euros between banks each night. Immediately prior to joining Brian in the US, she was offered a promotion to Manager, well on the path to Assistant Vice President. Then Brian came along and met three of her criteria; intelligent, mature, and blue eyes. When they met on-line, both were coming out of difficult relationships, and after 7 months of on-line time together they met for the first time in October of 2006. In April of 2008 she left her good life, leaping across the pond to become Brian's loving wife, then his committed slave. She serves him with love, respect, humor, and when appropriate and with respect, helps him to see the error of his ways.

slave Mel was Northwest slave 2013. During her free time, she hosts the Submissive Support Group in Everett, WA, and serves as the Oceania Regional Representative for MAsT International. She was also the Volunteer Coordinator for Leather Reign. She graduated from University of Washington with a degree in Mathematics and recently started her career here in Seattle.


September Dragon, Northwest slave 2009

Slave september dragon has been proud to be owned and operated by Master DJ since 2005. september dragon is a strong, intelligent, loving, wise woman with a huge slave heart that shines. She has been a leader in many different organizations and has helped organize multiple events and clubs to include CSPC, Seattle Women of Leather, and MaST Seattle. She held the title of Northwest Regional slave 2009. September Dragon is an artist in her daily life, and worships her Owner and Master.

She holds an especially special place in Master DJ’s heart!


Master Duane, Northwest Master contestant 2008, founder of Leather Reign

I am the head of a small poly-fi household, active in the local community. There is nothing more satisfying than having a girl well tied and at my mercy. I am married to my slave.I am the owner of (safireizzs) My wife/slave switches and has a boy in her life. I believe in surrounding myself with people of integerity and diversity.

I have been involved in the local community for about 16 years in many ways. Including being one of the producers of Leather Reign [www.leatherreign.org]. I was also on the executive board of the local Board of what used to be LLC 2013. I was one of the co chairs for •Kink LINCS which was here here in Seattle. I am also the co-director of MAST Seattle. And I am the creator of Seattle Dom support group which has no presence here on Fetlife. I have been exploring the public lifestyle for about 17 years ... But i have been tying women up for sex for fifty years.. Who knew there was a whole community out there?