About us
Contest Information

We are located in the Greater Seattle area. The producers if this contest, slave ann and I, Master John, competed at Northwest Leather Celebrations (NWLC) and were awarded the North West Master and slave in 2014. At that time we observed that out of the last seven years, all seven had candidates from WA state.  We felt it was time for the state to have their own contest, to be a feeder to NWLC’s regional contest. 

This would give these candidates the extra experience of competing, speaking, and serving in a titleholder role. This is a teaching title, so public speaking skills are essential. The more time spent, and practice in obtaining a comfort level appearing and speaking in front of those you represent, will make you  better situated to compete at the regional level, and move on to compete in the international contests.

Our contest will be part of the Westcoast Links Leadership conference, beginning on Feb of 2017. This will be held in Everett, WA.